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A Storm is Coming…

The Monks of the Esperanzan Order have taken to a life of piracy after their monastery was destroyed. Now they prowl the northern coasts, liberating cargo from Imperial convoys. Among these outsiders to society, drifters and fugitives have been known to find a home. Two such wayward souls are a bard searching for her lost family, and a dragonborn druid seeking contact with his living god, the Silarrezkanto the Stormbringer.

Hunting these pirates, an Imperial Captain seeks to make a name for herself in the eyes of her family and her superiors. Tasked to her custody is an initiate to the Order of the Seven, a young man who feels the dark spark of the Empty One’s powers within him.

When the young Captain takes up pursuit of these pirates, fate twists these wayward souls into a band of refugees, united by common purpose. When the cold blast of war consumes the kingdom of Kepala, what side will these adventurers find themselves on? In the charge of Verower Villilar Kotu, with the rebels who seek to depose him, or on a side that is theirs alone?

Home Page

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